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D.T. Systems Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher System

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The D.T. Systems Super Pro Remote (controlled) Dummy Launcher is a system that can be set up anywhere you want to simulate a hunting and retrieving training situation. The system consists of a portable launching device that is remotely controlled and uses .22 blank cartridges to launch a dummy or bumper up to 100 yards for efficient, and effective retriever training in the field. No longer will you have to settle for short retrieves (limited by just how far you can throw the dummy). Now you can set up any number of training simulations in the field, across the pond, or anywhere else you train your dog! The RDL 1209 is the complete Remote Dummy Launcher system with Transmitter (remote) and everything you need to get set up and started on your retriever training program. Safe-T-Ratchet Cocking Mechanism to help prevent misfires while cocking unit. Compact, lightweight, portable design (weighs around 8 lbs total). Rugged and durable construction (made from Aluminum and Stainless Steel) for years of trouble free use. Unit includes a beeper for easy location in the field, and as a location indicator prior to launch. Easily adjustable launch angle from 0 degrees to 75 degrees. Transmitter (Remote) has Cross-compatibility with D.T Bird Launchers.


  • Remotely launch dummies from any training area, field, woods, or water
  • Remote Dummy Launcher is programmable to include up to 16 units (for multiple launch set-ups)
  • Set the Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher up where you want, and launch from any location (up to 1,200 yards away)
  • Launcher uses .22 blank power loads
  • 3 different power levels for desired launch distances (Green=50 yards, Yellow=75 yards, Red=100 yards)
  • Remote Transmitter can control up to 16 different launchers at one time
  • Add-On remote launchers are easy to program to transmitter

Warranty Information

1 Year Manufacturer